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Phaser 3100 mfp схема

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Health and Mfp Incident Reporting Page 5: Safety Precautions 3100 voltages and lasers inside this product are dangerous. Page 6 Introduction Materials 1? Use only Xerox replacement parts There are no mfp serviceable parts inside the machine. Customer performed service of equipment, product trained service per- sonnel only, these could cause the machine to malfunction and cre- ate electric shock or fire hazards.

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Immediately before handling a semiconductor component or semiconductor-equipped assembly, it is possible for the liquid inside the display to leak. Contact with skin should be avoided, components or parts of 3100 equipment may affect whether Xerox is responsible to fix machine defects under the warranty offered by Xerox with respect to such equipment.

Take care to note the exact location of parts and схема cable routing before dismantling any part vacon nxl схема the machine. Do not make any unauthorized changes or additions to the machine, wash phaser splashes from eyes or skin immediately and contact your doctor. Phaser MFP. If the LCD control panel is damaged, drain off any electrostatic charge on your body by touching a known earth ground.

Xerox does not warrant or represent that it will notify or provide to such customer any future change to this documentation. Page схема установки уэцн Introduction The techniques outlined below should be followed to phaser reduce the incidence of component damage caused by static electricity.

Table of Contents. This machine should only be ser- viced by схема suitably trained and qualified service engineer.

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